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Brexit-Angst auf den Falkland-Inseln

Brexit-Angst auf den Falkland-Inseln

Das britische Überseegebiet der Falkland-Inseln gehört offiziell nicht zu Großbritannien und somit nicht zur EU. Der Archipel ist aber Teil des europäischen Binnenmarkts und könnte unter einem Brexit stark leiden.

SHOTLIST STANLEY, FALKLANDINSELN9. OKTOBER 2019QUELLE: AFPTV1. Halbnahe the islands' only bankSTANLEY, FALKLANDINSELN7. OKTOBER 2019QUELLE: AFPTV2. woman in supermarket3. Halbnahe woman in supermarket4. Totale supermarket5. Halbnahe woman in supermarketSTANLEY, FALKLANDINSELN11. OKTOBER 2019QUELLE: AFPTV6. Totale member of Legislative assembly Leona Roberts7. Halbnahe member of Legislative assembly Leona Roberts8. O-TON 1 - Leona Roberts, a member of the Falklands' eight-strong legislative assembly (MLA) (Frau, English, 21 Sek.): 'The majority of our revenue in the islands comes from the export of fish, the majority of which goes directly into Europe, we currently benefit from a tariff free and quota free access for that product and if that changes of course we could find ourselves in a very difficult situation with government revenue dropping considerably.'9. Halbnahe CEO of Falklands Conservation Esther Bertram arrives at workplace10. Nah CEO of Falklands Conservation Esther Bertram11. O-TON 2 - Esther Bertram, CEO of Falklands Conservation (Frau, English, 18 Sek.): 'There has been no reassurance that we will be able to have any access to any EU funding and so we really feel that the UK government has a real commitment to its wildlife and the overseas territories as much as it does anywhere else.'STANLEY, FALKLANDINSELN7. OKTOBER 2019QUELLE: AFPTV12. Halbnahe medicine13. Halbnahe woman pays for shopping