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China kämpft gegen das Coronavirus

China kämpft gegen das Coronavirus

Die Bemühungen der chinesischen Behörden zur Eindämmung des neuartigen Coronavirus laufen auf Hochtouren: Bereits in mehr als einem Dutzend Städten wurde der öffentliche Verkehr ausgesetzt. Doch das ist nur eine von vielen Maßnahmen.

SHOTLIST JANUARY 23, 2020WUHAN, CHINA. 23 JANUARY 2020SOURCE: AFPTV-WS People walking on the street-WS a motorbike crossing -PAN Right street-WS a man putting on a face mask- WS a petrol station-WS a petrol station-WS petrol station worker -PAN Left people buying goods-WS grocery store-WS shelves partially empty -TRACKING shelves partially empty -WS grocery store worker-WS grocery store worker preparing an order-TRACKING empty street-TILT DOWN Decoration for the Chinese new year inside a mall-MS closed shops inside a mall-WS escalators working -closed shops inside a mallSOUNDBITE 1 - Shi Chengwei, Driver (man, Mandarin):'The new pneumonia is our new common enemy. It’s an invisible enemy. We have to cooperate with the government to win this battle. I want to have the people of Wuhan emerge victorious. We have to work with the government. The main thing is to work with the government. I believe the Wuhan people will be able to emerge victorious in this disaster. We’ve resisted SARS, floodings, and this time we have to resist pneumonia.' SOUNDBITE 2 - Shi Chengwei, Driver (man, Mandarin):'I’m not leaving the city. I want to self-quarantine here, and that means I want to respond to the calls of the government, to comply with them. To be responsible for myself is to be responsible to society, and to be responsible to the world.'SOUNDBITE 3 - Sun, (man, Mandarin):'For epidemic control, I think it is a good measure. People should try their best not gather, it’s not good for disease control. I think I can understand it. Even if we can’t celebrate the New year this year, we can continue in the next. There is Spring festival every year.'SOUNDBITE 4 - Fu (man, Mandarin):'The current situation is unique. We have to respond to the call. As people of Wuhan, we should work hard to adhere to the leadership plans of the Party and various levels of government, and support their work.