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Das sind die Unwörter des Jahres

Das sind die Unwörter des Jahres

Sprachwissenschaftler und Publizisten haben erstmals zwei Unwörter des Jahres gekürt: 'Corona-Diktatur' und 'Rückführungspatenschaften'. Die Jury geht bei ihrer Wahl einerseits auf die Dominanz des Themas Corona ein; andererseits weist sie darau

SHOTLIST FRANKFURT/MAIN, HESSEN, DEUTSCHLAND2. MAI 2020QUELLE: AFP1. Foto A man wears a face mask reading 'corona dictatorship' on May 2, 2020 in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany, at a protest against restrictions put in place to combat the cornavirus COVID-19 pandemic.KONSTANZ, BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG, DEUTSCHLAND4. OKTOBER 2020QUELLE: AFP2. Foto People hold a banner reading ' Against Corona Dictatorship' as they take part in a protest against masks and virus restrictions during the ongoing novel coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic in Konstanz, southern Germany, on October 4, 2020.BERLIN, DEUTSCHLAND30. OKTOBER 2020QUELLE: AFP3. Foto An MP of of Germany's far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party shows a paper with the inscription 'Leave space free - Corona dictatorship' to the co-leader of the parliamentary group of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) far-right party Alice Weidel (R) during a session at the Bundestag (lower house of parliament) on October 30, 2020 in Berlin.WIEN, ÖSTERREICH14. MAI 2020QUELLE: AFP4. Foto A woman with a visor with 'Corona dictatorship and Governement muzzle' on it, attends a protest, organized by the Evidence-Based Corona Information Initiative (ICI), against the safety measures during the new coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic ordered by the Austrian government in Vienna, Austria on May 14, 2020.MYTILENE, LESBOS, GRIECHENLAND15. APRIL 2016QUELLE: AFP5. Foto A man walks with his son in the Moria detention centre in Mytilene, on April 15, 2016, on the eve of Pope Francis' visit. MESSINA, ITALIEN1. FEBRUAR 2016QUELLE: AFP6. Foto Men wait to disembark from the Italian Coast Guard vessel 'Dattilo' following a rescue operation of migrants and refugees at sea, on February 1, 2016 in the port of Messina, Sicily. Over 10,000 unaccompanied migrant children have disappeared in Europe, the EU police agency Europol said yesterday, fearing many have been whisked into sex trafficking rings or the slave trade. Europol's press office confirmed to AFP the figures published in British newspaper The Observer, adding that they covered the last 18-24 months. AFP PHOTO / GIOVANNI ISOLINO