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Hongkong: Eingekesselte Studenten trotzen der Polizei

Hongkong: Eingekesselte Studenten trotzen der Polizei

In Hongkong bleibt die Lage um die von Demonstranten besetzte Hochschule angespannt: Dutzende Aktivisten der Demokratiebewegung harren weiter in der von Sicherheitskräften eingekesselten Polytechnischen Universität aus. Regierungschefin Carrie L

SHOTLIST HONGKONG, CHINA18. NOVEMBER 2019QUELLE: AFPTV1. Halbnahe people escaping via ropes2. Herauszoomen people escaping via ropes3. Halbnahe people escaping via ropes4. Halbnahe waiting motorbikes taking people away from the scene5. Nah people escaping via ropes6. Halbnahe fire HONGKONG, CHINA19. NOVEMBER 2019QUELLE: AFPTV7. O-TON 1 - Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of Hong Kong (Frau, English, 19 Sek.): 'The first is of course to have a peaceful resolution as far as possible. This objective could only be achieved with the full cooperation of the protesters, including of course, the rioters, that they have to stop violence, give up the weapons and come out peacefully and take the instructions from the police.''HONGKONG, CHINA18. NOVEMBER 2019QUELLE: AFPTV8. Totale supporters of the pro-democracy protesters inside Polytechnic University form human chain to send supplies9. Totale human chain relaying supplies10. Halbnahe human chain relaying supplies11. Totale human chain relaying supplies12. Halbnahe a protester packs bricks into a box13. Halbnahe protesters forming human chain