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Millionen Follower: Russische Kinder erobern Instagram

Millionen Follower: Russische Kinder erobern Instagram

Die jüngsten packen Spielzeug aus, ältere lassen sich am Pool ablichten: In Russland haben Kinder bei der Bilderplattform Instagram immer mehr Follower. Liza Anokhina zum Beispiel ist gerade einmal zwölf, kann aber kaum noch unerkannt über die S

SHOTLIST MOSKAU, RUSSLAND13. SEPTEMBER 2019QUELLE: AFPTV1. Verfolgungsfahrt child blogger Liza Anokhina being filmed by video producer Ivan Bushmelev, blowing raspberries, giggling2. Totale Liza Anokhina being filmed by Ivan Bushmelev, blowing raspberries3. Totale Liza surrounded by children who recognised her 4. Halbnahe young fans listening to Liza5. O-TON 1 - Liza Anokhina, child blogger (Frau, 12 Jahre alt, Russian, 19 Sek.): 'I started getting recognised on the streets probably when I was about 11, when I started filming vines with Rakhim [Rakhim Abramov, a popular 23-year-old Russian blogger]. That's my Instabrother [Instagram 'brother', Liza plays his sister in his clips]. We started shooting joint videos, and people started to visit my site. That is, people began to like my [Instagram] account.'6. Totale Liza being filmed by her video producerMOSKAU, RUSSLAND2. OKTOBER 2019QUELLE: AFPTV7. Halbnahe Liza Anokhina's Instagram account, a clip showing Liza answering a phone callMOSKAU, RUSSLAND13. SEPTEMBER 2019QUELLE: AFPTV8. O-TON 2 - Liza Anokhina, child blogger (Frau, 12 Jahre alt, Russian, 18 Sek.): 'On the phone, I spend in general, on average - I've checked - eight hours a day. That's very bad, but ... I don’t know, it's not just some kind of video viewing. I also open my electronic diary and do my homework. I don’t know, I just use the phone very actively.'MOSKAU, RUSSLAND28. SEPTEMBER 2019QUELLE: AFPTV9. Totale Amela Shabotich teaching three boys about writing scenarios for video blogs10. Halbnahe Amela Shabotich talking about scenarios, 10-year-old Miron (seen from behind) listening11. Nah Miron playing Pacman, the screen showing 'You died'12. Totale Amela Shabotich teaching video blogging to three boys, two women from Grozny, Chechnya watching [they want to teach video blogging in Grozny]13. Nah 11-year-old Artyom looking at Miron's screen14. Totale Amela listening to Artyom describing his scenario, 8-year-old Pyotr writing his scenario, Miron playing with his phone15. Nah Pyotr checking his computer screen, then writing his scenario16. Nah Pyotr writing the introduction to his review of the game 'People Playground'