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Neue Bromance? Putin überhäuft Bolsonaro mit Komplimenten

Neue Bromance? Putin überhäuft Bolsonaro mit Komplimenten

Mutig, willensstark, männlich: In einer Grußbotschaft hat Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin nur Lob für seinen brasilianischen Kollegen Jair Bolsonaro übrig. Dessen Verhalten solle 'ein Beispiel für uns alle sein', fügte Putin hinzu.

SHOTLIST NOVO-OGARYOVO, RUSSLAND18. NOVEMBER 2020QUELLE: KREMLINEINSCHRÄNKUNGEN: KEIN WEITERVERKAUF / NO RESALE1. Totale Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking during government meetingMOSKAU, RUSSLAND17. NOVEMBER 2020QUELLE: TWITTER / @JAIRBOLSONAROEINSCHRÄNKUNGEN: KEIN WEITERVERKAUF / NO RESALENUR REDAKTIONELLE VERWENDUNG2. O-TON 1 - Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Mann, Russian, 61 Sek.): 'Your excellency, this year, work hasn’t been easy for any of us, but you personally contracted this infection and you faced these challenges with courage. I want to wish you all the best and, most importantly, good health. We all know how difficult it was for you, but you demonstrated the best man’s qualities like courage and will power. You prioritized problem solving based on the interests of your people and your country. Putting aside until later the problems of your own health. It’s an example for all of us of not only a courageous attitude towards fulfilling one's duty, but also towards fulfilling one's duties as head of state.'