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Pop-Up Restaurant im Flugzeug für reisehungrige 'Passagiere'

Pop-Up Restaurant im Flugzeug für reisehungrige 'Passagiere'

Die von der Corona-Pandemie hart getroffene Fluggesellschaft Singapore Airlines hat zwei ihrer Flugzeuge zu Pop-up-Restaurants umfunktioniert - und damit einen unerwarteten Verkaufsschlager gelandet.

SHOTLIST SINGAPUR, SINGAPUR24. OKTOBER 2020QUELLE: AFPTV1. Halbnahe flight attendant serving a meal in economy class2. Nah diner unwrapping his main dish 3. Nah diner eating4. Halbnahe diner eating5. Totale flight attendants serving diners6. Nah diner eating satay7. Halbnahe diner eating satay starter8. Nah satay starter 9. O-TON 1 - Zhou Tai Di, student in economy class (Mann, 17 Jahre alt, English, 5 Sek.): 'The food is pretty amazing, it's better than the one they serve during the flight.'10. O-TON 2 - Calvin Teo, civil servant sitting in business class (Mann, 29 Jahre alt, English, 17 Sek.): 'Of course the feeling of actually flying will be better, because there's the excitement of going to a new destination, to explore a new destination, and even though we can't do it now due to Covid, this is a good substitute for now, to recreate the feels of taking a long-haul flight.' 11. Zwischenschnitt: Halbnahe flight attendant serving food 12. Totale diners entering plane for a tour13. Nah man holding tickets14. Totale diner drinking15. Nah diner eating while watching a movie16. Schwenk von links nach rechts first class suite17. Nah champagne bottles in a first class suite