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'Romantisch': Neuer Nachtzug von Wien nach Brüssel

'Romantisch': Neuer Nachtzug von Wien nach Brüssel

Die Österreichischen Bundesbahnen weiten ihr erfolgreiches Nachtzugangebot mit einer Verbindung zwischen Wien und Brüssel aus. Für die Reisende Liesbet Vandebroek hat die nächtliche Fahrt etwas Romantisches, sie fühlt sich an ihre Studentenzeit

SHOTLIST WIEN, ÖSTERREICH19. JANUAR 2020QUELLE: AFPTV1. Totale on the Vienna Central Station sign while the train is starting2. Halbnahe Liesbet Vandebroek and her friend waving goodbye from the window3. Nah Liesbet Vandebroek in the sleeping car4. Nah Liesbet Vandebroek and the other night train passengers waving goodbye from the window5. O-TON 1 - Liesbet Vandebroek, works in Tourism advertisement (Frau, 49 Jahre alt, German, 7 Sek.): 'There is something romantic about the night train, it's a bit of the melancholy of the past, as a student I used to travel everywhere on the night train and it's very comfortable, you have time to read or maybe talk to your fellow passengers, it can be very nice. It is very nostalgic.'6. Totale man and his dog waiting for the departure of the train7. Totale wall saying 'We connect Austria to Europe. From the 19.01 with Nightjet directly to Brussels.'8. Nah nightjet train9. Nah itinerary of the train10. Nah windows while the train is leaving the first station11. Nah bed seen through a window12. O-TON 2 - Leonore Gewessler, Austrian Minister for Environment, Energy and Infrastructure (Frau, German, 8 Sek.): 'Vienna is developing into the night train capital of Europe, there is no other city in the European Union that has so many night trains departing from Vienna. And (the network) can be expanded further.'13. Nah in#loveyourplanet written on the train14. Halbnahe train stewardess15. Totale train in the station16. Totale Liesbet Vandebroek and her friend waving goodbye from the window