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Schweden nehmen Abkehr vom Corona-Sonderweg gelassen

Schweden nehmen Abkehr vom Corona-Sonderweg gelassen

Mit dem Inkrafttreten von strengeren Vorschriften hat Schweden jetzt seinen Corona-Sonderweg verlassen. Erstmals gelten nun Auflagen für Treffen in der Öffentlichkeit, nur noch acht Menschen dürfen zusammenkommen.

SHOTLIST STOCKHOLM, SCHWEDEN24. NOVEMBER 2020QUELLE: AFPTV1. Halbnahe people walking on Drottninggatan in central Stockholm2. Totale people walking in central Stockholm3. Halbnahe people wearing face masks walking in central Stockholm4. Nah sign on the entrance to Stockholm’s central train station warning people to keep their distance5. Totale people walking on Drottninggatan in central Stockholm6. Totale cyclists and pedestrians on a street in central Stockholm7. O-TON 1 - Elena Osokina, Stockholm resident (Frau, Swedish, 13 Sek.): 'I think the new restrictions are good. I think there are many sick people and we have to think about the healthcare and how much work they have to do there, we can’t be more than eight people to come together [in a public event]. '8. O-TON 2 - Mattias Dahlberg, Stockholm resident (Mann, 59 Jahre alt, English, 11 Sek.): 'I think they are good and well we need to do something and actually it doesn’t affect me so much. '9. O-TON 3 - Renee Gloria Ohrwall, hairdresser (Frau, English, 13 Sek.): 'The new restrictions are not affecting my life at all because I’m not out in public so much, I just walk to work, and do my work and go home. I’m not hanging around in restaurants and things like that. '10. Halbnahe cyclists at a junction during the morning rush hour