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Schwedens Chef-Virologe hält Sonderweg grundsätzlich für richtig

Schwedens Chef-Virologe hält Sonderweg grundsätzlich für richtig

Der schwedische Chef-Virologe Anders Tegnell hält den Sonderweg seiner Regierung in der Corona-Krise grundsätzlich für richtig. Dies sagte Tegnell vor Journalisten in Stockholm. Zuvor hatte er in einem Interview mit Sveriges Radio Verbesserungsp

SHOTLIST SOLNA, SCHWEDEN3. JUNI 2020QUELLE: AFPTV1. Halbnahe state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell speaking at a press conference2. Halbnahe journalist filming press conference3. Halbnahe journalist filming press conference4. O-TON 1 - Anders Tegnell, state epidemiologist (Mann, English, 29 Sek.): 'We are happy with most portions of the policy, it has worked very well when it comes to keeping the level of disease spread on levels which the healthcare can handle. It has made it possible to keep our schools open, very important for a society to keep its schools open. And then of course we have the unfortunate part with the high death toll, mainly in the long-term care facilities. And that we of course wish we could have avoided more of it but the rest of it has worked very well.'5. Halbnahe journalists filming press conference