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Supermarkt in Ungarn umgarnt vor Valentinstag Singles

Supermarkt in Ungarn umgarnt vor Valentinstag Singles

Ein Supermarkt in Ungarn bietet Singles die Möglichkeit, während des Einkaufs einen Partner zu finden. Wer alleinstehend ist, nimmt sich am Eingang einfach einen dementsprechend beschrifteten Einkaufskorb. Die Idee kommt an.

SHOTLIST NUR FÜR AFP-ABONNENTEN (NO RESALE)CSÖMÖR, UNGARN12. FEBRUAR 2021QUELLE: AFPTV1. Totale Csilla Béres (SB2) as she takes a basket2. Totale a man takes one of the baskets3. Nah 'singles' shopping baskets with signs that read 'Single Seeking Mate'4. Nah a sign in the supermarket above shopping baskets saying: 'SZINGLI VAGY?' ('ARE YOU SINGLE?')5. O-TON 1 - Annamaria, Research assistant in a pharmacy company (Frau, Hungarian, 17 Sek.): 'I think this is a very cute idea although I am wondering who is brave enough to do this. For example, I am single but I didn't dare, but now since you asked me I might take one it after all.' 6. Zwischenschnitt: Nah Annamaria (SB1) as she takes a basket 7. O-TON 2 - Csilla Béres, Secretary (Frau, 25 Jahre alt, Hungarian, 11 Sek.): 'I think this is a great initiative in this time of coronavirus. For those seeking partners it's really an opportunity, while it's entertaining and funny as well.' 8. Zwischenschnitt: Nah Csilla Béres as she walks with a basket 9. O-TON 3 - Tamás (Frau, 25 Jahre alt, Hungarian, 5 Sek.): 'Let's see what comes up, give it a try, we don't skip opportunities.'10. Totale Tamás and a girl shopping together with the baskets