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Venedig erneut überflutet

Venedig erneut überflutet

Zum dritten Mal binnen einer Woche ist Venedig von einer Flutwelle heimgesucht worden. Bis zu 1,50 Meter hoch stand das Wasser am Wochenende in der Lagunenstadt. Vor allem die Tourismusbranche ist hart vom Hochwasser getroffen.

SHOTLIST VENEDIG, VENETIEN, ITALIEN17. NOVEMBER 2019QUELLE: AFPTV1. Halbnahe St Mark's Square flooded2. Schwenk von oben nach unten St Mark's Square flooded3. Halbnahe St Mark's Square flooded4. pigeons on chairs5. Halbnahe shop closed on St Mark's Square 6. Halbnahe flooded bar7. Schwenk von rechts nach links flooded shops8. Nah tourists walking in the water9. Halbnahe boots shop10. O-TON 1 - Luca Tagliapietre, Shop owner (Mann, Italian, 16 Sek.): 'We had lots of damages. For example, in my case, the electrical system went underwater, a lot of merchandise got lost - necklaces and other goods, all underwater. We had to work a lot, rinse everything. Every day, as you can see, we have to lift desk and drawers, rinse again, clean up: there is a lot of work to do.'11. O-TON 2 - Guido Fulgenzi, owner of a bar in St Mark's Square (Mann, italien, 11 Sek.): 'We had to blame certain politicians of the past... unfortunately we pay the consequences. This is the problem.'12. Totale bin in the water on St Mark's Square13. Totale tourists walking in the water14. Halbnahe pumps removing water from a shop15. Halbnahe policeman on St Mark's Square16. Schwenk von links nach rechts policeman on St Mark's Square