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'Women’s March': Frauen gegen Trump

'Women’s March': Frauen gegen Trump

Bei Frauenmärschen sind in mehreren US-Städten tausende Menschen gegen Sexismus und Frauenfeindlichkeit auf die Straße gegangen. Auslöser der 'Women’s March'-Bewegung waren die Missbrauchsskandale im US-Showbusiness, aber auch die unverhohlene P

SHOTLIST WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, VEREINIGTE STAATEN18. JANUAR 2020QUELLE: AFPTV1. Nah women singing and performing2. Halbnahe women singing and performing3. Nah women performing the feminist flash-mob song 'The rapist is you!', a Chilean creation that went viral4. Totale end of flash mob, people cheering5. Totale demonstrators at the front of the marching crowd holding a banner, which reads: 'Rise Up! Women's March 2020'6. Halbnahe demonstrators at the front of the marching crowd wait for organizers' sign to kick off the march7. Nah demonstrators cheering8. Schwenk von rechts nach links demonstrators holding a banner9. Nah demonstrator holding a sign, which reads: 'Drumpfo the tweeter'n cheat'10. Halbnahe demonstrator holding a love sign11. O-TON 1 - Anne-Marie Tardivon, demonstrator who came with her mother (Frau, English, 10 Sek.): '[on the importance of the Women's March event]It's an important issue and if you don't participate, if you don't let people know what this is about, if you don't tell people what you're thinking, nothing is going to happen, no change is going to come if you don't tell people what's on your mind.'12. O-TON 2 - Clarence Richard, demonstrator (Mann, English, 14 Sek.): 'These guys right here [points to a sign on his hat, which reads: 'US Army Veteran. Remove the GOP.] the GOP (The Grand Old Party, the Republican party, ed) is in your way (on the way of women, ed) and they've been in your way for a long time. So I'm protesting the GOP and how they act and supporting anything I can do for women.'13. Totale people gathering for Women's March in DC14. Nah anti-Trump signs15. Halbnahe people standing in front of stage at Women's March16. Halbnahe people holding signs that say 'OMG GOP, WTF?'17. Nah signs