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Zukunft von Italiens Regierung weiter in der Schwebe

Zukunft von Italiens Regierung weiter in der Schwebe

Italien harrt weiter einer Lösung für die Regierungskrise. Die Fraktionschefs des Senats konnten sich am Montag nicht auf einen gemeinsamen Zeitplan über das weitere Vorgehen nach dem Misstrauensantrag der rechtsradikalen Lega von Innenminister

SHOTLIST ROM, ITALIEN12. AUGUST 2019QUELLE: AFPTV1. Totale parliamentarians arrive at the hotel 2. Halbnahe journalists outside of the hotel 3. O-TON 1 - Matteo Salvini, Italian Interior Minister (mann, Italian, 6 Sek.): 'We ask that we vote as soon as possible, then the Italians will choose a government that governs and does for five years. Because in recent months between no's, quarrels, insults, blockades and no to tav, no to justice, no to the Olympics, no to autonomy, no to reforms, Italy cannot afford no.'4. Totale exterior of the Italian Parliament ROM, ITALIEN12. AUGUST 2019QUELLE: FACEBOOK ACCOUNT OF LUIGI DI MAIOEINSCHRÄNKUNGEN: NO RESALE5. O-TON 2 - Luigi di Maio, M5S leader (mann, Italian, 5 Sek.): '1. Cut 345 members of Parliament, I am not speaking to the parties, I am speaking to the MPs: let's vote to cut 345 MPs in Parliament. 2. we shall show our support for Giuseppe Conte as Five Star Movement ministers and we shall support him when he will explain to the Parliament the good things this government has done and what it could still do for this country. 3. As I have always said so, we need to go to the polls. 'ROM, ITALIEN12. AUGUST 2019QUELLE: AFPTV6. Totale member of the 5 Star Movement enters the Chamber of Deputies 7. Totale journalists and cameramen wait in front of the entrance to the Chamber of Deputies 8. Totale journalists and cameramen outside the entrance to the Chamber of Deputies 9. Halbnahe cameras and cameramen in front of the entrance to the Chamber of Deputies POLICORO, ITALIEN10. AUGUST 2019QUELLE: AFPTV10. Halbnahe Salvini arrives on the beach of Policoro 11. Halbnahe Salvini takes selfies with fans 12. Halbnahe Salvini takes selfie with young man from Africa